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When is the iphone 13 coming out?

August 27, 2021

Blog Update:

Apple to unveil iphone 13 and latest iwatch on Tuesday 14th September (10am local pacific time or 6pm UK time); as we previously expected in our initial blog below.

Apple will unveil it during it’s special event as it holds its digital launch. This was just announced today Tuesday 8th September.

We don’t know when exactly when the iPhone 13 2021 will be out, but rumours suggest it’ll be announced on Tuesday 14 September 2021; rumour also has it that it will be released Friday 24th September.

Apple fans like myself are eagerly waiting for the iPhone 13 to hit stores.

As we all expect, it will have features such as a much faster processor ( A15 chipset) than iPhone 12, and better battery life, Other features will include an improved camera, and more color options.

Apple is testing the new iPhone 13 with face ID hardware that works even if the person with the iPhone has on masks or glasses.
Apple is reportedly working on a the iPhone 13 model to include face ID hardware which will be able to identify and verify the user’s identity even when he or she wears foggy glasses, or masks as well. Though this is not fully confirmed that it will be available when iPhone 13 is released in september. The report about this FaceID hardware for masks is according to FrontPageTech

Rumors suggest iPhone 13 be announced on Tuesday 14 September 2021; rumour also has it that it will be released Friday 24th September.

Apple 13 unveiled








Below are some things expected according to TechRadar.

iPhone 13 price

likely to have a similar price point as the iPhone 12 range, with rumors suggesting it will be exactly what we expect. The cheapest of the iPhone 12 range, iPhone 12 mini, started at $699 / £699 while its Pro version – iPhone 12 Max – cost $1100/£1100.


Apple is expected to make just minor changes with the iPhone 13, including a new design for its rear camera. While it will be similar on two cheaper models of iPhones, there are rumors that Apple may change up the lens arrangement from previous years’ phones.


Apple’s iPhone 13 series may come in a few new shades, and the rumored ones include pink and orange. Like their predecessors, these will likely be similar to other colors like purple, black or white.


iPhones are known for their high-resolution screens, but rumors suggest that the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max will have a 120Hz refresh rate. This means smoother image quality (or “smoother” images). Also rumored is an always on display which would mean seeing your notifications even when you’re not using your phone


The iPhone 13 Pro is expected to come with an updated telephoto camera lens for improved clarity and depth perception. The new Portrait mode will give users the ability to see a blurred background, similar that of DSLR cameras. This feature may also be available on all four models in addition to video recording software improvements such as digital zoom stabilization and automatic low-light adjustments according some leaks.
Specs: The A15 chipset will likely power each of these handsets, but we’ve yet to know how powerful that will be. It’s also heavily rumored that Apple may bring out a 1TB iPhone for the first time in 2021 so that’ll allow for the largest iPhone sizes ever.


Apple’s iPhone 13 will have a significantly larger battery than the current iPhones. The increase in capacity means you can expect longer lasting batteries that should be perfect for all your day to day activities and tasks, such as browsing social media apps or watching videos on YouTube.


Also according to MacRumors, Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, believes that Apple will continue to use Lightning over USB-C for the iPhone. He cites two reasons as “open standard” (1) and less waterproof than lightning(2).
Open standards are harder for companies like Apple who have control over their product.

Dummy Models of iPhone 13

Below is a YouTube video by MacRumors showing dummy models of the expected iPhone 13.
Dummy models are often accurate and generally reliable; they do line up with rumors about the new iPhones, but there is always a possibility that some of these design tweaks or changes could be off.

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